Eva Griffin


Losing Dogs

I call my mood swings me and you;

We will shit on everything you love.

We raised our bodies on streets,

Growing up under the chill and

Approaching every momentary

Lapse of happy

With the affection of a kitten

That has never seen heat.

Have faith in our bad taste,

We are the flavour of your mouth

That no soap can tackle.

We bet on losing dogs for fun,

But the love songs would still

Be written without them;

A few broken windows

Can make you empathetic

After all.

We mark our territory by crying on things.

Is it any wonder we enter this world

Wet and screaming?

Going from one thing

To everything

So suddenly,

We pass into the grand narrative

In tangled terms,

Our cries like little laughs.

Tickle some sun beams

And if you’re happy

We’ll grow up like you,

But we are only

What you think you are.



Eva Griffin is a poet living in Dublin. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Gender, Sexuality & Culture in University College Dublin and is the former Visual Arts Editor for HeadStuff.org.


Editor’s Note

If you’d like to read more about Eva Griffin, and we highly recommend that you do, please click here for our Issue #5 poetry and art spotlight.

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