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Issues #6, #7 and #8 will be a triptych. We welcome and encourage individual submissions to each, but if you feel like making art that tells a continuous story or writing a story that massively exceeds our usual wordcount, now is the time.

Issue #6: “How It Begins” – The sixth issue will be focused on beginnings. The first words spoken, the first meeting, the first time something appears or disappears. The Start Of Something. Deadline September 3rd 2017.

Issue #7: “Continuity” – The midpoint. Send us art and stories that started elsewhere (in issue 6, or not), send us re-occurrences, send us the realisation of things changing or staying exactly the same. The Middle Of Something. Deadline December 3rd 2017.

Issue #8: “Ever After” – The finale. We want to see how things fall apart or come back together. Happy or sad, alive or otherwise, “fare thee well” or “come with me.” The End of Something. Deadline April 1st 2018 for Poetry and Fiction. Deadline April 15th 2018 for Visual Art. 

* * *

Fiction: Max 1,500 words per story. Max 4,500 words for a piece that spans all 3 issues.
Art & Poetry : No limitations.

We are open to work that has been printed elsewhere. We maintain the right to publish and archive your work. All other rights remain with the author or artist.

Please send your submission to with a short author bio.

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