Luka McDonagh Valentine: Verseshape Neomythica

Verseshape Neomythica

Etain Dinschencha, Loring of Places

The beginning was primordial ooze

Until where land met sea emerged a hero,

A warrior who sharpened her verse

To a point edge-graceful enough to graph

Stars and friendships, hilling up land,

Careening greens into the versescape.

Historicising spacetime with each

Demarcating swing, mythographing

Relevance into the verdant cosmic

Strings. Breaking supersymmetry,

Unleashing four million perturbations

Of individuality, then deterministically

Shifting back to harmony.


Setanta Forosnai, Warp Spasm Insight

He knew each portion as a mistranslation,

That the verses which poetried his form had

Miscalculated, sheared off what should be there,

Moulded what should not. Lyrical lesions

Filling mirrors with lies. Storming lies into

Others’ eyes. The Truth came in hazelnut

Knowings, freestreaming from Connla’s Well.

And this was a time where metaphor and material

Had not so deeply untwined, so he sharpened

A sword of light with limerick and rhyme

And it was enough just to try, the world met

Him in stride, and the topography of his self

Unfurled, untied. It was always there, as present

As air.



Luka McDonagh Valentine is an Irish-Romani poet, born in Galway, based in Dublin.

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