Brian Dunster: Black

On the darkest planet, deep inside its darkest cave, dwells a creature with the darkest soul. It is known throughout the cosmos as the single most darkest thing in existence. The creature itself has never been seen, though some claim it is at least two hundred feet long with serpent wings. The stories are often varied depending on who is telling them. But they are made only to frighten little children. The stories made to frighten adults are far more terrifying.

It is true that the creature has never been seen, it has no physical form we could possibly recognise. But its presence, as you near the planet, is unmistakable. A sudden frost sweeps over the heart and the mouth begins to taste of ash. The body turns to stone and the mind forgets the simplest things, such as breathing. You’ll feel utterly alone, yet convinced something is watching in the shadows. It’ll drain you of love, happiness, and ambition, leaving behind only fear, helplessness, anger, and an empty shell of flesh to rot in the void.

Many people have gone in search of the creature with the darkest soul. Some for fame and glory. Others hoping to make their fortune. A soul as black as the darkest corners of space would fetch quite a price. But all those who tried were never heard from again. Their curiosity consumed them. Their greed twisted them. They must have known they were doomed from the beginning. No being can withstand the creature. Its pull is too strong. Its hunger too great. Only fools venture into the stars to find it, and lend themselves to its legend when they don’t return.

But I have something that they did not have. A plan. A way to deflect the creature’s natural ability to consume a human soul. I spent years developing the proper shielding, perfecting its design, running thousands of tests, calculating every possible variable, programming every conceivable frequency. And unlike the others who came before me, seeking riches and infamy, my quest is pure. I merely wish to study the creature and to understand it. I want to learn all I can and return to publish my findings. I won’t end up in another fool’s campfire story. And once I regain control of my body, I’ll be able to do what no other human could, I’ll bring back that creature’s soul and laugh in the faces of those who laughed in mine. They’ll see. They’ll remember me. And they’ll regret everything.



Brian Dunster studied in the art of screenwriting, and when he’s not writing for the silver screen he likes to delve into the world of short fictional prose. To misquote Andy Dufresne, “You either get busy writing, or get busy dying.” You can find some of his short films at

Brian has also been documented in the wild.

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