Féilim James: Ad Lucem

Black-driven, chaos-bent, breathing brute cacophonies,

It lumbers up the wooded slope at midnight, swamped in moonlight,

Flanked with fervent wind-blown limbs of green grown black with shadow,

Comes from heaven’s darkest hollow, clambers, clutches mountain, draws

Breath on black-blown breath, claws

Air, imagines skin, bare –

Null-brained, we swim

Under lulling sun,

Our cool, succulent nothingness

Trembling at its fat, black root.



Féilim James is a young writer from Dublin, Ireland, currently an undergraduate of English Literature and Psychology in Trinity College, Dublin. A writer of both poetry and prose, his works have been previously published in various literary journals such as Icarus, Rant + Rave, and Trinity Journal of Literary Translation. His poetry through Irish has won five Oireachtas literary awards from 2011-2015, as well as earning publication in the journals Feasta, Comhar, Comhar Óg, and An Scríbhneoir Óg. Féilim has also twice been selected for Fóras na Gaeilge’s Tutor Scheme.

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