James M. Moran

Bloody Hook Billed Carrowreagh



James M. Moran is an organic farmer with a keen interest in all aspects of art. He is a self taught painter and sculptor. He’s especially interested in landscapes, skyscapes and mythology, and his art works tend to have an ecological slant. He has published a number of local history books, maps and sketchbooks on local themes, whilst he has also taken part in many art exhibitions, both personal and shared.


  1. This painting is one of a series of seven completed in 2014 titled “Here are Monsters”.Painted on 6 inch O.S. maps of my local ares and using man mapped features,roads fields etc. contour lines and physical features.
    The titles are a mix of actual place names on the sheets and animal or bird names adjusted with artistic licence.


  2. James Moran is talented in many areas. He is also a wonderful man and a good friend. Up James Moran!


  3. This is so cool my dear cousin. I wish I could see it more clearly guess I’ll have to come visit next year! Congratulations!!


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