Maggie Mae: Married to a Monster

not the kind you think of

when the word presents itself
there hasn’t been gifts
or flowers
or cakes
no declarations of love
I am veiled in quicksand
my ankles stolen
right from underneath me
A preacher speaking “blah, blah, blah, God” ….
and all that stuff
my dear family and friends
gathered around me
a single dove laying on
an altar
plugged into oxygen
plastic wrapped for perfection
the caterer
with the smile of a thousand devils
reminds me to pay my bill
tonight we roast the dove
Maggie Mae has been a featured poet for Arts 4 The Homeless and Sojourner’s Indecisive.  Her poetry has been included in several literary magazines including Poetry Now, Conceit Magazine, Curio Poetry, Yes Poetry, The Vein, Requiem Magazine, The Screech Owl, and many more. She maintains a blog at

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