Bennet McNiff: Why I Don’t Go Into The Woods


There are bears there.
A boy I knew went there and never came back.
He would be forty-two now.
It is completely dark there.
You could get lost.
I am afraid of the dark.
Some say that trolls walk the wood
At midnight, forty-foot trolls
With green, luminous skin, and slimy scales.
They can eat a man
Like a child munching a carrot.
It is quiet in the forest. Too quiet.
Something bad must be happening there.



Bennet McNiff lives in Drogheda, with his wife and two children. He was shortlisted for the 2015 Listowel Single Poem competition, and won first prize for poetry in the 2015 Over The Edge New Writer of The Year competition. He has published poetry in Skylight 47, and in The Galway Review. He works in Dublin as a software engineer.

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