David Linklater: I Could Swear I Touched the Duke’s Foot

Past stone circles on meandering

northern bends, upon the wet

lash of Sutherland a magician stands.

I could swear I climbed up

there and put my palm to his boot.


It only became apparent one day, years later,

sunlight on the backs of stags by the railway line,

chimneys sighing over quiet morning glen,

that it was not possible, his foot’s about seventy feet up.

As clouds parted the single-track road rolled out in front of us.



David Ross Linklater is a poet from the Highlands of Scotland, now living in Glasgow. He used to work in a pottery before moving to study courses in Professional Writing and Journalism. He’s currently studying a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. His work has appeared in Glasgow Review of Books, The Grind, The High Flight and RAUM, amongst others. You can follow him on Twitter if you like: @DavidRossLinkla

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