Ariel Dawn

Nine Storeys Above Inner City
Torn dresses, sarongs and bedclothes hang over autumn, shadows of stone churches,
clock above market, sunshine alien lights of an operating theater. Close my eyes
and I shrink, grow, small as pen nib, then ink spilling from swollen lids. I have lived
here for months and the room is still confused with whiskey boxes. My love
left me a linen nightdress and diary. Covers my lap, distressed leather, it opens,
hemlock forest where trees bleed and I float between lines (paper cuts before the end
or even the stars), it closes with belts and metal and long pin on a string.



Ariel Dawn lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Her poems appear in places such as Ink Sweat & Tears, Ambit, Paper Swans, Queen Mob’s Tea House, and are forthcoming in Elbow Room, Canthius, (parenthetical), A Furious Hope. She is studying Tarot and finishing her first collection of poems.

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