James Devlin: Fort Worth, Torso In Brilliance, Paletta Palette


Torso in Brilliance


Fort Worth


Paletta Palette



James Devlin (Irish 1989-) is a writer, filmmaker and visual artist who grew up in Bray, Co. Wicklow. There he studied Film and Television. Succeeding a stint in Wales from 2010 -2011, Devlin received his honours degree in video. After some years working in television, Devlin pursued painting, showcasing his first pieces at his home town in 2013. In the short period of time Devlin has been painting he has exhibited work throughout Ireland and recently in New York, along with having his work printed in publications nationally and internationally. Devlin’s work is self-taught, abstract primitivism, that holds up a distorted mirror to urban life in a humorous and joyful celebration of the different.

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