Linda Crate


threw you out of the car

i didn’t want to netflix and chill

was having a difficult


and i just wanted to walk

out all this


i felt—

but you insisted that i needed to take

a trip to your room


you proceeded to try to put the moves

on me and i resisted

trying desperately to watch a movie

i wasn’t even interested in if it

meant escaping the kiss

you tried to put on my lips,

and as if that weren’t

crossing enough

boundaries that you ought not have;

you forced me to touch your


i was so shocked that i couldn’t react,

but i was and am and forever will be

angry that there are men

like you in the world;

trying to take advantage of vulnerable girls

who simply want someone to talk to

in their time

of need—

didn’t want to be the casuality of

a hit and run so i threw you

out of the car.



Linda M. Crate is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville. Her poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. Recently her two chapbooks A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn (Fowlpox Press – June 2013) and Less Than A Man (The Camel Saloon – January 2014) were published. Her fantasy novel Blood & Magic was published in March 2015. The second novel of this series Dragons & Magic was published in October 2015. Her third novel Centaurs & Magic was published November 2016. Her poetry collection Sing Your Own Song is forthcoming through Barometric Pressures Series.


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