Tom Dredge


His first venture was in a square.

It was such a thrill to explore,

meeting people, drinking beer

until one day he hit a wall.

It seemed then all learning was done.


He took experience to a circle.

The people there thought he was square,

so he set out, knapsack on back,

to see the world, but hit a wall again.


After months of soul-searching

he followed the light of an inner circle

of smaller perimeter, journeyed

on and on endlessly, gathering

the fragrance of spring, the sweet

wine of summer, until one day

he came to the house of fun, where

he took time out from contemplation.


Slowly the radius of stars, the order

of spheres, the vastness of thought, fused

with the harmony of flesh, the beauty

of music, the luxury of taste.

When he left he was ready to face the end

ready to face the beginning.



Tom Dredge is a member of the Boyne Writers Group and Bealtaine Writers Group and lives in Kildare. His poetry has appeared in Boyne Berries, Revival, Ó Bhéal Five Word, Skylight 47 and the WOW Anthology. He also received commendations and was third in the Frances Browne Multilingual Poetry Competition.

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