Brian Kielt

Patriarchal Picnic - small.JPG

Patriarchal Picnic



Kielt’s work explores methods of depicting trauma and the phenomenological; senses or moments from experiences and memories. Life is unstable and the mind is unstable. They are in a constant state of change which may merge fact and fabrication. Drawing is essential because it is at this stage where information is filtered and deemed relevant to the final outcome. This editing process creates voids which allow the viewer to plant their own affects and experiences of trauma. Paint and other media are brushed, rubbed, and scraped across the surface. What is left is an unusual relationship between this moment’s truth and its preceding and succeeding implications. Drawings and paintings merge and overlap found and original imagery from eclectic sources which hint at sinister motifs of the viewer’s own making. These fictive narratives are continually shifting. To record the constant flux of multiple imagery, orientations and perspectives is to widen the scope for understanding the many facets of trauma. This moment’s perception of experience will be altered by time; elaborating and eroding.

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