Carmina Masoliver


Looking At The Same Thing

Singing on the back of your motorbike

through mountains, my favourite memories


surprise me. The return of love, like it never left,

you holding me in each and every bed,


except the ones without air-con to cool us,

where we laid like starfish, salty skin


and the heat is never something you can picture,

but this winter, I think back to summer shorts,


only wearing sleeves to show respect,

the land abundant with temples,


rice fields, motorbikes, smells

distinct to every country.


We were tested with con-men, swaying boats,

sea urchins, our own minds. Somehow


we coped, we survived and now we are back,

wanting to keep these memories alive. And sometimes


it’s the snapshots of everyday, changing landscapes,

we walked through side-by-side, for the most part.


Rolling shrimp in rice-paper with satay dripping off,

the sweetest popcorn at the cinema.


At other times, it was like we were dropped

into a postcard, and I question reality


when I think of the blue of that water,

the kindness of strangers, the feeling


of swallowing beer in a hammock,

of tasting the food from the side of the road.


We are back now, but let’s never stop

climbing mountains, taking in views,


plunging into unknown water.



Carmina Masoliver is a poet and teacher from London, England. She is founder of She Grrrowls feminist arts night, and is a regular contributor to The Norwich Radical. Her work has been published in various magazines and anthologies, such as Popshot, and her chapbook was published by Nasty Little Press in 2014. She has featured at events including Bang Said the Gun, Latitude, Lovebox, Bestival and Goldsmith University’s The Place for Poetry. She has facilitated workshops independently, as well as whilst shadowing Ross Sutherland, Niall O’Sullivan, and Michael Rosen. She currently lives and works in Córdoba, Spain.




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