Shauna Getlevog


Drawing Constellations

there’s always room for the unpredictable, darling.

it could happen anytime, anywhere;
you’re sitting at the bus stop,
on the dark, grey wall;
pale legs dangling over the edge,
kicking back and forth,
it’s almost a defense mechanism.

your blonde, curly hair blowing in the salt air
there’s rose petals in your veins

you don’t see him at first;
his black leather jacket, and his
dark brown hair,
falling into his eyes;
his freckles are stars.
His hands rough and calloused from too
many nights with his guitar,
you feel them against your soft ones;
a gentle brush, not much,
but you know,
don’t you?
it’s love.



Shauna Getlevog is an 18 year old female student from Ireland.


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