Jenni Belotserkovsky; Night Sky

IMG_0946 (1)



Jenni Belotserkovsky was born in Italy to Russian immigrants. She has painted and drawn since she could hold a pencil and now resides in Vermont. She has worked as an commissioned artist and art teacher to Elementary students and students on parole and probation.

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  1. This is really special. It reminds me of two very different vangogh paintings. Happy very belated birthday, here’s a little poem for you.

    A velvet eddy of saturated blue
    Spiraling in the night sky as it loses it hue.
    Leaving a foamy starry wake
    In the grand celestial lake

    The gesticulating limbs
    of the encrouching forest
    Tell tales of of whisling winds
    That stipped them bare in chorus
    And their leaves fall from grace
    At such an eligic pace,

    While we consider
    This artful depiction of space

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