Kevin Nolan; Flavescent,Flammeous


A colourable moon perspires down

on a foreign country.


A road surrounds an Anglican church –

the door swings open and a distant high pitched sound gets higher.


The air is wet with Ave Marias, a solitary singer searchingly fingers her

 soul and moans low while city foxes dash by dizzy and wild-eyed with

 questioning snouts.


Sitting near on footpath

are two people, in love, smiling at each other, knowing each other



In one beats a heart:

Its drawers swing open and shut in slow motion, catch imaginary

snowflakes, which melt and leak down to collect in the swells of her eyes

opening like butterflies.


The other’s heart

is wet with vitality, desperate in its countenance

opening and reaching out to her like a legousia flower to the heat

of flavescent moonlight.



tonight it became uncontrollably obvious,

so I accept it

like a vampire victim

giving in to the blissful pleasure of a death kiss

we’re fucked


its happened


we’ve fallen


so far down

into love


effortlessly it took control of you and me


no effort could have stopped it

no effort was made

to expose it as it hid


biding benign inside us


and by making no effort

to stop it

we became its accomplice


in the darkness and the heat,

in the trembling, and the suffocating

in that quenching intimacy



so far down

 I found you


in purest form,

uncontaminated state



so deep

a part one can never find in isolation,

for each forever standing

in the way of ourselves


someone comes along

finds it in us and gifts it to us



Kevin Nolan, Dublin born, holds an honours degree in Pure Philosophy from The Milltown Institute, and also received a Philosophy through literature diploma there. All in all, he spent six years studying Philosophy. He then studied Fine Art in the National College of Art and Design in conceptual art and film.  His writing has appeared in Colony, The Galway Review, Skylight 47, Bard, The Shine Newsletter, Studies, Decanto Magazine / Anthology (England), The Jack Kerouac Family Association Newsletter, Yareah Magazine (Italy), among other journals.  Nolan is also a singer/composer and has been played predominantly by John Kelly on The JK Ensemble. His debut album Fredrick & The Golden Dawn on which he duets with choice award winning singer Julie Feeney received highly acclaimed reviews both in Ireland and abroad.

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