Aziz Dixon; Visitor


You are

the serenade I was composing

when you woke me


the sunlight seen from below

in the trout stream, before the pike came


the ghost of a meteor, desert

dust-bowl a mile wide;

dust-tears trickle

from the rim.


You could be

a moon crater for all that I can

reach you now, but

one day

I will be with you again.



Aziz Dixon draws on local Pennine and Welsh landscapes and life experiences. He has been published in ‘Pennine Ink’ and online with Irwell Inkwell and Algebra of Owls. He launched his latest collection, Poet Emerging, with a reading at the Burnley Literary Festival 2016 and on Radio Lancashire, England.

He has recently published in Grapevine (Lampeter), Moon Magazine Panoply and Perspectives (Ontario), Strix The Fat Damsel and Light, no 4 (Departure: Fall 2017).

Poems forthcoming in Best of Bolton (November), The Curlew and again in Perspectives. Aziz recently read at the RS Thomas Festival, Eglwysfach in September, and at the Burnley Literary Festival in October.

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