Morphine Epiphany; Sonata without continuity

Sonata without continuity

In the middle of a score,

the resignation in your eyes stayed.

A pronunciation that silences, just blowing,

moment, your lips were twisted and dried trees

a music that dissipated by half, without flowing.


Half rain, it does not deafen me with lightning,

the accuracy disappears when drafts existing.

Half winter, does not scare me with glaciers,

the uncertainty kiss me when your half is the wind.


That sonata without continuity, writhes

no piano can transpose the pause in one almost

no vibration shakes me behind the static of a silence.


Hide me in the incomplete song, there are no steps

the stamps are extinguished

and they let me prey in a wave of statue.



Cristiane Vieira de Farias or Morphine Epiphany was born in 1987. Brazilian writer. Graduated in Production of Electronic Music. First place in a competition Japan Haicai. Participate in the following magazines: Avessa, Subversa, LiteraLivre, Criticartes, Horus Cultuliterarte, Bacanal, Diversifica, Mais de Um. Finalist in the competitions: I Concurso de micropoesía Palabra tras palabra, I concurso de poesía El color del invierno, I Concurso de micronarrativa Mirando hacia delante, I Concurso de micropoesía Mirando hacia delante, II Concurso de minipoemas Por una sonrisa un cielo”, II Concurso de micronarrativa Amando se entiende la gente”, II Concurso de micropoesía Amando se entiende la gente”. Her book of poetry ”Distorções” was launched in 2015.

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