Owoh Ugonna Alexander; Our Journey to the City of Light

Our Journey to the City of Light

And the night was a saddened tree in the Amazon, where streets

sang to the rhythms of bullets and bombs.

On a vague street, came a tremendous flock of men, greeting

their bodies with violence.

Because the night was an enemy; mothers fought fears in

darkness; Father kissed their guns cheerio,

Babies filled their beds with tears.

Joan said; we shall set to a place where the gods doesn’t feel naked,

“Where water running over pebbles was the tears of wildness”.

Maybe it became a night when we threw our staffs into the Caribbean, like shepherds of the hilltop.

As daylight kissed the land, so laid a street of death,

As men became cockroaches whose bodies fell into rotten carcass,

And as the morning kissed our bliss, so laid the silent night as it went to bed with several corpses.

Maybe water is a way into love; where seas shall dance to our thirsty throats.

Three days, as we set our path for a virgin land, as nightfall had kissed our blossom, and as the eye of the gods brightened our morning, so shall we found our sweet manner.

And as we set to a land where shelter finds us, lay we crossing the tears of the Nile, as we filled our masque baskets with water.

The border cries for our departure, but we shall never lay in the blossom of perplexity.

Whereas, we shall consume the fires of the mountains, as they baked our bread.

Because we drew across the Kilimanjaro, came the short nightfall; a city of light, where our mysteries shall be found, where our stories be told.

And as daylight kissed our bliss, came “my dreams; A reality” as our feet consoled the lands.

Yes we did arrive to our fantasies, where breads were given to us by eagles, where water kissed our throats and light; our dreams.

And as we kissed the street, came a town of laughter, as men drank their ginger beers to the rhythm of music,

Where women were charitable sellers of gossips, as they gave signs to their lovers, where birds sang lullabies to babies.

Yes we did arrive to our dreams of laughter, our joy and consolations,

And as we sort a place to lay our heads, came I kissing the moonlight with a loving embrace, as I rose by hands to its coldness.

And so came sleep, kissing my eyes “nighty night”, as I laid in happiness to a city where my ears weren’t scared of bullets and bombs.



Owoh Ugonna Alexander is a prolific writer, poet and playwright. He has written many poems, stories, anthologies, articles, and essays. He is a romantic poet who believes in nature as a pious and tremendous creation of God. Born in south eastern Nigeria, he is the author of “ocean of love.”

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