Niamh Twomey; Visit to a Graveyard

Visit to a Graveyard

Babbling brook

And lexicon of stone

You push up no daisies

Only wilting arrangements



Only a stick cross

Marks the mound over carrion

And the last dress you’ll ever wear


I stand

In slow seeping darkness

Waiting for a moment with you

Thinking I thought we had forever


But no music, no laughter, only shoes sinking in winter wet–

You are not here.



Niamh Twomey is a young Irish writer, and student of English
Literature and French in UCC, Cork. Since winning the Hotpress ‘Write
Here Write Now’ young writers competition in 2016, her work has been
published in journals such as ‘Quill & Parchment’, ‘Flight Writing’,
‘Ink Sweat and Tears’, Cork’s ‘Quarryman’, and many more.

1 Comment

  1. Well done Niamh. Beautiful words as usual, and the pace of this poem is perfect.


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