Claire O’Keeffe

Hidden Creature, 3D Collage,2018.JPG



Claire O Keeffe is an artist based in Co. Cork, who graduated from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design in 2015. Claire works predominately in the medium of collage. Since childhood she has collected imagery, old biscuit tins full of images cut from old catalogues and magazines. Hours spent cutting and pasting, arranging imagery in unexpected juxtapositions, creating a different narrative each time. Today, O’Keeffe is still employing collage as a means to escape into a world she cannot plan. The imagery she appropriates pre-dates the digital age, culled from discarded encyclopedias and reference books, medical texts and popular science books. Collage is her way of disengaging from the increasingly digital world that surrounds her. The exercise of cutting requires time-intensive hand movements that reminds her that not everything is instantaneous as a click of a mouse.

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