Jonathan Wilson


I saw rolling oceans in her eyes

And thought about drowning in them


I saw vines in her hair that stretched up to heaven

And tangled around the tallest trees

I wanted them to wrap around me


Her voice was smooth jazz that played all night long

In bars I would linger in till I was thrown out


Her mind the priceless artwork so valuable the public weren’t even allowed to see it

Still, I would risk stealing it


Her heart was the frozen lake I wanted to skate across

Knowing it could crack at any second


Her embrace was the snow that always melted too soon

Her face the singular snowflake


Her eyelashes rays of sun I stood under

And worried would burn me


So I went inside and closed the curtains



Jonathan is a Manchester-based writer and performance-poet studying Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor University. He has been published in a couple of poetry anthologies within Manchester. He is a core member of the spoken word collective Young Identity, a vibrant group of passionate young writers. With this group he has given readings across the country opening up for established writers and performers such as Saul Williams and before a Carol-Ann Duffy play- My country. 

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