Estelle Clarke

Dragon’s Dream


Two dragons cavort,


their wings have an unlikely beauty,

smudged with blood

spilled from celestial bodies.


She stretches her length,


through the coloured universe,

displaying the glaze on her belly scales.


He sings from the earth.

Notes of yearning

raise her quickening heart.


She closes her seductive eyes

behind streamlined lashes,

swishes her tail coquettishly.

Lightening shoots from its spade,

glances off mass of purple, blue and gold,

forks through space,

strikes the orange armour of her mate.



he joins her in heavenly flight.

They burn through the night,

shooting stars

of dragon fire,


aflame with love.



Estelle is an emerging writer and performance poet. The Hansard Gallery, Southampton invited Estelle to perform her work at “Poetry @ JHG: Resist”. She won the Hammer and Tongue Solent Poetry Slam (April) and a competition to be performed on the Salisbury Fringe. Her poetry is published in the International Times.

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