Lanette Ware-Bushfield

Headroom, Heirloom

1839. Inoculations. Ancestral

sweat, shipped betwixt, recoiled fears 

La Amistad. Ahmaud.


Bruises, bangs, shoelaces, clangs.

Systemic shame, running blame.

Marquez. Arbory,


Patroled abductions running mutiny

Arduous games amok, numbers, names.

25. La Amistad.


Centuries canoe aboard horrid rain.

Acidic repatriation squats upon burning ankles. 

Ahmaud. Marquez.


Hierarchal threats. Invisible regret, 

equality shot, liberty whacked.

Arboury. La Amistad.


And then there was, sir,

George. Floyd. The

alpha, Omega. Beginning and.


400 years.

40 acres.

4 more years. 


End the Silence. 

No. More.




Lanette is a New York City born actor, writer and producer who has worked alongside Mickey Rourke, Samuel L. Jackson, Bella Thorne, Chris Rock, Alec Baldwin and James Gandolfini. Lanette has produced several film and television projects and has been directed by Spike Lee, Joel Schumacher and John Singleton to name a few. She has taught Public Speaking, Self-Empowerment, Drama and Stage Performance from New York City to Vancouver, and at The Fox Theater on Queen Street East in Toronto to Los Angeles, California. Her personal essays have been featured in The Globe and Mail, Dreamers, Chillfltr, Aaduna and Mothering Magazines. Lanette is the creator/writer of MONARCH 7, a sci-fi television series and THE MOTHER LOAD, a podcast dedicated to showcasing published authors and artists. She plays SALLY on THE WEDDING PLANNERS, CityTv and Judge Lawrence on DIGGSTOWN, CBC and BET.


  1. Fantastic!
    Great work Lanette.
    Please keep writing ✍️
    Love and light.


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