Róisín Power Hackett

The Universe

This is a thousand, many thousand years past,

lost in a vague interspace between a dream and the night,

from the sleep into which the light of the stars had fallen

cold pulses were beating like ancestral skeletons against the sky;

the universe immense and profound with history,

luxuriously stretched soaring along luminous,

wrapped in thick darkness, akimbo.

Tis a vessel clipsing and colling, oozing,

containing the syrup of imagination, this curious bit of lore.

It would draw the stars as near and lapse into a pondering

as these non-human years and centuries came past,

the universe intensified grew larger dipped in liquid fire

sprinkling ancient aqueous light, diamonds of moisture.

Phosphorescence and phenomena

scattered showy ornaments and large orbs dance unstrapped,

formed pale nebulousness feathers floating brightly,

pearls of opalized light, purling upon undulations,

a constellation of white, red, and green flashes

interchanged their hues with every pulsation.

Rocking rhythmic they did twinkle

and reflect the laws of physics

nick-knock, nick-knock went the universe,

came toppling over fallen, tumbling down

descending to some distance below

through stratum, stratum, stratum

til the terrestrial thump.



up from the earth

like a babble of waves, molten metallic glow

emerged loam, black as jet,

burst out, hissed out bubbles of sap,

the spasmodic leapings of the green alluvial

formed the reticulated pattern

of vegetable and mineral processes,

stretched like a geranium bloom against a photosphere,

grew as an extensive ornamental tent of gossamer webs.

Yellow lights struggling with blue shades,

a network of dark green threads overspread,

and the atmosphere filled with skeins of the powdery residuum,

stirring, shaping, and forming together a sort of vegeto-human pollen

formed therein a vast pool of fertile sappiness,

and up surged the human heap.



Róisín Power Hackett is an Irish visual artist, poet and art writer. She graduated with a BA in History of Art and Fine Art (Paint) and an MA in Art in the Contemporary World, an art writing masters, both from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She has been published in Headstuff – UNBOUND (2018), Skylight 47 Issue 10, (2018), Tales From The Forest, Issue 8 (2018), The Runt, Issue 10 (2017), The Bohemyth, (2017), Rise and Repeal (Abortion Rights Campaign) Magazine, (2016), The Weary Blues, Issue 7, (2015), Glitter Stump, Issue 2, Pamphlet Magazine  (Netherlands), Skylight 47 Issue 2(2013), Mama Grande Press,(2012) Word Legs, Issue 13, Minus 9 Squared‘s Anthology, Minus Nine Squared, Issue 2, (2009). Róisín has also published contemporary art, personal and philosophic essays and criticism on-line and in print including in the Visual Artists’ Ireland New Sheet (VAN).



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