Mary Murphy: Window

IMG_4247 MMresized



Irish artist Mary Murphy “is original and possesses superior skill. But most of all she is compassionate toward every person that she portrays in her work. She has expanded beyond her beginnings in textile design to master an individualized technique. ”

Trudi Van Dyke. Independent Fine Arts Curator.
Winter Edition 2015, Fiber Art Now Magazine.

This technique of replacing pen and paper with needle and thread, as a method of drawing,  hearkens back to her classical art training.Murphy’s art explores the human form in line and form through a variety of media… her interest lies in the experiences that mold our bodies and indeed alter them. The resulting work of sinewed muscles, paper dry wrinkles, bone jutting through skin and the play of light over them, make for powerful viewing. After her Degree in Fashion Design and post graduate studies, she won National Designer of the year Award for Ireland.

Working in Milan and Paris before returning home to Cork, she ran a successful Commercial Creative Studio before deciding on becoming a full time Artist. Mary teaches part time from her studio in Carrigaline, Co. Cork.

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