Pawel & Kasia: Broken Tale



Pawel Kleszczewski and Kasia Zimnoch are a duet of Polish artists living in Cavan, Ireland. Pawel and Kasia create animation based on mythology, folklore and legend. They combine their artistic experience with elements of art history, ethnology and cultural anthropology. The method of their work is based on extensive cultural research. Kasia and Pawel search for the possible, the widest scope of theoretical material which relates to their subject; they seek legends, myths, local stories, scientific studies. Starting to work with traditional techniques, they find that animation is the result. They create complex worlds of art which include many elements: animation, drawing, painting and prints. In 2016 they finished “Broken Tale” animation, which is based on Swedish folk tale about Princess Tuvstarr. In 2015 they have created another animation illustrated Scandinavian folk tale “Dag and Daga and the Flying Troll of Sky Mountain.” In 2013 they have created two animations refers to Irish mythology- “Balor the Evil Eye” and “The Voyage of Saint Brendan.” In 2015 they were invited to be Guest Artists in Residence in Smedbyn, Sweden.

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