Aoife McBride: River Through A Child’s Eye



Springing from beneath a rock,

Clear water dancing in the rays.

Sunlight gleams on every drop,

It laughs and gurgles, trips and plays.


Does it travel on forever?

To another world perhaps?

Does it enter, exit never?

The dark woods keeping it in wraps.


Do fairies dance by the waters

When the dusk steals o’er the mountains?

Dwarves chased a fairy, never caught her;

Perhaps she hid in its crystal fountains.



Aoife McBride hails from Donegal originally and now lives in Dublin. She wrote her first poem at the age of eight and has scribbled her way through a Masters in English Literature at UCD.  As a teenager, she won poetry prizes at the Allingham Arts Festival and Listowel Writers’ Week. As an adult, she has written for college newsletters, had an article published by U Magazine and had a poem accepted for the soon-to-be-released anthology ‘1916-2016: An Anthology of Reactions.’

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