Jackie Gorman: Lies I’ve Told A Toddler Lately.


Teddy bears talk to each other at night.

All fish are called Nemo.

Your lovely eyes will fall out

from watching too much television.

There are fairies at the bottom of the garden.

If you are very quiet you might hear them.

The moon is looking right at you tonight so wave !

We are all kind to each other.

Books and toys get lonely too and it’s ok to be sad.

I will always be here.



Jackie Gorman is from Athlone. Her poetry has been published in Poetry Ireland Review, Wordlegs, The Honest Ulsterman, The Galway Review, Headspace, Bare Hands ,The Sentinel Literary Quarterly, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review and Obsessed With Pipework. She has been highly commended in the Goldsmith International Poetry Competition and the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Awards. She received the Phizzfest Poetry Award in 2016. Her poetry has appeared in the writing anthologies ; “Ring Around The Moon”, edited by Noel Monahan and “Respond”, edited by Alan McMonagle. She is currently studying for an MA in Poetry Studies at the Irish Centre for Poetry Studies at DCU.


  1. A beautiful, sweet and loving poem Jackie. You have a real gift with words. Thanks for being so generous in sharing your work. Maith thu

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  2. I don’t ever read poetry but just browsing through this page…. I chose your poem as I liked the title. I liked it a lot and now I want to read some more poems..

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