Jennifer Creedon


Time on Her

The lines had been etched in over years-

around the eyes and mouth.

Random and pattern-less-

like the follow-through marks left on a butcher’s chopping board-

indented afterthoughts.

The artful axe of the carnologist-

casting it high,

it comes down in clipped glints,

cutting through hair, flesh, bone

Until it finds its full stop-

Punctuation point for punctures, piercings,

Sounding board for slices, incisions-

Her face.

The lines co-ordinates-

A map of her world.



Jennifer Creedon lives within the beautiful village of Ballyleague, Co. Roscommon, Ireland with her husband and two boys.She is novel to the writing craft and began scribbling a few months ago. She loves walking in the woods and staring at open fires.


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