Paul Jeffcutt


Go ye north

one day and one night

with fair wind and full sail

to isles broken by narrow sounds

swarming with sea-fowl.


Beach thyself

turn the boat for shelter

take mussels and sweet-water

ye shall remain forty months

observe thy vows.


Forget northern raiders

who care only for ale and gold

be as the high sun

who hides a little in the night

and the west wind

who scours the land clean

save for great stones that rear

many hands into the sky.


Buzz Lightyear

Samuel Stephens

changed his name

by deed poll

opened new bank accounts

continued his job

as a business manager

and ran marathons

for a cancer charity.


Applying to renew his driving license

he was refused;

issuing a license

to a fictional character

would bring DVLA into disrepute.

Buzz appealed and won.


Message in a Bottle

Marianne Winkler

Retired Postal Worker

found a bottle

on a beach in Amrum

the North Frisian Isles

108 years 4 months

and 18 days after


George Parker Bidder

Marine Biologist

threw a bottle

into the North Sea

with a message

in Dutch and German

return to sender

for the reward

of one shilling.


She returned the message

to him by post

at the Marine Biological Association

Plymouth Devon

Bidder had died in 1954

but they sent her many thanks

and a shilling

they bought on eBay.



Paul has won a series of prizes for poetry in England, Scotland, Ireland and the USA. His debut collection of poetry, Latch, was published by Lagan Press in 2010 and was chosen by The Ulster Tatler as their Book of the Month.

Paul has been published widely in journals and anthologies.

He also co-hosts The Squat Pen, a regular series of literary events that take place across the island of Ireland.


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