Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon

Voices adrift, wail high in waving branches.
Ancient woods of beech and oak and ash
tangle when crows’ caws split the troubled air.
Ghost cries and birdsong mingle,
ring round shaded copses
closed off by despair.
Debatable, this broken land is called,
soaked with blood, stained by Reiver wars.
Yet now, spirits tire of conflict.
They gather to demand
recompense of peace.
Hope catches breath, tongues teach,
smiles spread
and new songs burst and soar
as homes and loam-rich farmland
are tended and restored.
Ceinwen lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. She writes short stories and poetry. She has been published in web magazines and print anthologies. These include Fiction on the Web, Alliterati, StepawayThree Drops from the Cauldron, Snakeskin, Obsessed with Pipework, The Linnet’s Wing, Blue Nib, Picaroon, AmaryllisAlgebra of Owls, The Lake, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Riggwelter, Poetry Shed, Southbank Poetry, Smeuse, Bandit Fiction, Atrium, Marauder, Prole and The Curlew. She was Highly Commended in the Blue Nib Chapbook Competition [Spring 2018] and won the Hedgehog Press Poetry Competition ‘Songs to Learn and Sing’. [August 2018]. In 2017 she graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University.


  1. Nice one! Anne Casey just sent in a batch of poems to “Poems from the Heron Clan” spring anthology that accepts previously published poems. I edit the book. For inquiries, or to submit, katherinejamesbooks@gmail.com.

    We mix well known poets and young talent on purpose.


    Doug Stuber


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