Kit Nova

Milk On A Hot Summer’s Day

buildings spiral above your head and they

are soft and tangible and wet to the touch.

they glide between your fingers like slime,

or vicera.


your mind is failing again,

it’s full of glass again,

it’s cutting your hands and fingers again,

it’s taking





she pushes into you

and tears your mind from your soul

and your soul from your hell in the skies,

beige and thick like

milk on a hot summer’s day.


you don’t trust the man in your head anymore.

he whispered truths to you, wrapped

in sin and crucifixes and the hand

of a holy man,

soft, and wrinkled.


you don’t like the way his face looks.

you don’t like the way his hands feel.

he fucks you with tooth and with bite and

you cause him to bleed and he likes that

and so do you.


your nails tear away in his back

and his thighs

and he screams your name

like a martyr,

burned alive.



Kit Nova is a full-time English and Classics student and part-time poet situated in Cork, Ireland. Their poetry has been most recently featured in several issues of “Hebe” Youth Magazine. They can be found at @poetrybykit on instagram procrastinating finishing their first manuscript.

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