Ruth Hogger; Ascension

Ascension copy


Ruth Hogger is an artist who works intuitively with free association through collage. Triggered by symbolic imagery, metaphors surface from the unconscious, and merge into scenes resembling dreamscapes. Her process draws from Freud’s free association, Jung’s work on active imagination, and her current MA studies in Art Therapy. 

Eoin Kinsella; Reach Out

Reach Out by Eoin Kinsella



Eoin Kinsella is an Irish artist. He started drawing portraits of his family when he was a child, and has continued to develop his art ever since. Eoin merges portraits with surreal elements to create his unique style. Working mostly with ink pens he creates flowing lines with dotted detail. It is important to him that his art conveys meaning. Eoin believes that people find in images what they are looking for, whether they know it or not!

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Charlotte O’Connor; Goblin King

goblin king



Charlie is an artist based in Dublin who studied art and design GMIT.  She takes inspiration from the natural world, folk tales, animals and people in my work. Lately she has been focusing on detailed illustration in her work; using mostly black pens sometimes adding colour using watercolours and markers.


Brian Kielt

Patriarchal Picnic - small.JPG

Patriarchal Picnic



Kielt’s work explores methods of depicting trauma and the phenomenological; senses or moments from experiences and memories. Life is unstable and the mind is unstable. They are in a constant state of change which may merge fact and fabrication. Drawing is essential because it is at this stage where information is filtered and deemed relevant to the final outcome. This editing process creates voids which allow the viewer to plant their own affects and experiences of trauma. Paint and other media are brushed, rubbed, and scraped across the surface. What is left is an unusual relationship between this moment’s truth and its preceding and succeeding implications. Drawings and paintings merge and overlap found and original imagery from eclectic sources which hint at sinister motifs of the viewer’s own making. These fictive narratives are continually shifting. To record the constant flux of multiple imagery, orientations and perspectives is to widen the scope for understanding the many facets of trauma. This moment’s perception of experience will be altered by time; elaborating and eroding.

Mariana Panchuk

5.Alone_ Mariana Panchuk.jpg


1.Maybe You Are_ Mariana Panchuk.jpg

Maybe You Are

3.Dreamer_Mariana Panchuk.jpg




Mariana Panchuk is an artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. She loved drawing since early childhood and especially enjoyed fictional stories and images. In school years she was studying at the art school, and later studied design at the institute. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree, she has been working as a pattern and graphic designer at the printing complex. Eventually Mariana decided to expand her possibilities for implementing her creative potential and become an independent artist. She prioritizes continuous development and is always open to cooperation with others in the interesting projects.

Mariana’s artworks are always meaningful. This is a distinctive feature of her art. Naturally, each of the drawings has its own significance for the author. Nevertheless, the viewer is given a possibility of finding their own association and freedom to realize their own perception. Very often in the same figure a separate person finds his/her own outlines of the images that are totally opposite to the vision of another individual. Thus, her works reveal what lies in the subconscious mind of the beholder, as a reflection of the inner world, not only the artist’s but also the viewer’s.


Mariana Sawan

romance (1)




Mariana Sawan is an artist coming from Brazil.
She has been drawing since the age of 10, when she gave her first drawing lesson to some friends! Her artwork nowadays is very unique, telling stories about how she perceives the world. Thick lines, sparkly eyes, geometry, curves and curls combined make it authentic and pleasant to see. Freedom, love, ego, passion, fun, dreams, human’s struggles and happiness are her themes, and one of her biggest joys is to trigger a smile in those who observe it!
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Cara McCaughey: Which one wins/The one you feed




Cara McCaughey graduated from Belfast School of Art in 2014 having studied Textile Art, Design and Fashion with particular emphasis on embroidery. She is inspired by stories and the flora and fauna of Northern Ireland. Her work consists of screen printed, heavily hand embroidered repeat patterns which are inspired by her self-written narratives. She strives to blur the boundaries between art, craft and design with her highly illustrative style of drawing fused with her historically inspired hand embroidery.

James Devlin: Fort Worth, Torso In Brilliance, Paletta Palette


Torso in Brilliance


Fort Worth


Paletta Palette



James Devlin (Irish 1989-) is a writer, filmmaker and visual artist who grew up in Bray, Co. Wicklow. There he studied Film and Television. Succeeding a stint in Wales from 2010 -2011, Devlin received his honours degree in video. After some years working in television, Devlin pursued painting, showcasing his first pieces at his home town in 2013. In the short period of time Devlin has been painting he has exhibited work throughout Ireland and recently in New York, along with having his work printed in publications nationally and internationally. Devlin’s work is self-taught, abstract primitivism, that holds up a distorted mirror to urban life in a humorous and joyful celebration of the different.

Christy O’Connor: Sorceress, Priestess, Succubus







Christy O’Connor is a New Jersey based artist, living in Monmouth County. She works in a variety of mediums, including, painting, mixed media, and sculpture.

O’Connor is an alumnus of the Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts.  Additionally, she completed some of her undergraduate studies at New Jersey State University, concentrating in the area of photography.  O’Connor took some time away from her practice upon her completion of school to focus on her career in education.  After ten years in the field, she made the move back into the arts.

O’Connor has been involved in a large variety of group art exhibitions throughout New Jersey.  O’Connor has worked in collaborative installations, including Automaton, located in Trenton, NJ, Lost Connections, in Red Bank, NJ and Dusklit, an experiential art project in Warwick, NY.  Most recently, O’Connor has been gaining curatorial skills in her latest endeavor, Nasty Women, a group exhibition, in Philadelphia, PA.