Issue Three: Little

It’s Poetry Day Somewhere


   Anne Casey: In memoriam X: Abandoned

  Simon Costello: Annual Ring

   Theresa Donnelly: The Mother Wound

  Rena Garrett: Hazel Copse & Exile & Patchwork

  Jackie Gorman: Lies I’ve Told A Toddler Lately.

  Stelios Hadjithomas: A Tale of Two Presents

  Síle Keane: New Spawn

   Lucie Kavanagh: The Raven

   Hugh Martin Kennedy: In Trouble

   Eithne Lannon: May  28th & Her Room

  David Linklater: I Could Swear I Touched the Duke’s Foot

  Aoife McBride: River Through A Child’s Eye

  Bennet McNiff: Why I Don’t Go Into The Woods

  Louis Mulcahy: The Good China

   Erik Nelson: Crossing Willow Creek (Parts  5-8)

   Edward O’Dwyer: Callous Alice & Poem For A Tree

   Clifton Redmond: Street Wars

   Aoife Reilly: Bypassed & The Blue Bicycle

   Vincent Steed: The Feral Children and the Scones

   Patrick Walsh: Sleep, Walker 

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