Issue One: Twisted Tales and Torn Mythologies


Short Fiction

A Darkening Bavarian Sky – Jenny Butler

Embers – David O’Donoghue

Vaselisa’s War – Siofra O’Donovan

Glass and Blood – LMA Bauman-Milner

Happiness (A Fairy Tale) – Hersh Dovid Nomberg

Aurelia Aurita – Sheena Power


Broken Tale – Pawel & Kasia

Half In The World Of Form – Pat Byrne

Labyrinth – Patricia Fitzgerald

Illustration – Cat Gavin

Illustration – Helena Grimes

Window – Mary Murphy

Plait – Eilish Sherwin

Hugin and Munin – Evelyn Suttle

By The Tree – Yohann Walter


New Wave Canute & Hunting Unicorns – Olive Broderick

Petrosmatoglyphs & Werewolf – Patrick Deeley

Patron Saint of Lunatics – Theresa Donnelly

Verseshape Neomythica – Luka McDonagh Valentine

Ship Burial & Sierra Flight – Daniel Wade

Mixed Mediums

He Rides The Sky & Be Near Me – Peter Francis Fahy

Diana; Queen of the Den – Jamie John Patrick Flynn

Devil’s Den – Mary Keane